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Class 11th is the first step where the foundation of Commerce is laid. It is quite obvious that if the foundation of a structure remains weak, the structure is bound to come down. In this grade a student gets familiar with Commerce which helps in choosing the right career after Class 12th. A wrong career choice can prove disastrous in one’s life. So, it is of utmost importance to study all the subjects in this class sincerely.

We offer following subjects :
  • Accountancy.
  • Economics and Statistics.
  • Business Studies.
  • Informatics Practices.

  • To support you in your studies, we bring Engaging Videos, Notes, Practice tests which will clear toughest of concepts in an easy and interesting manner and giving logic and reasoning behind them.

    Various Flow charts and diagrams are used to make concepts interesting and easy. Lot of questions which are asked in the exam like Remembering, Understanding, Application, Evaluation, Analyses and HOTS etc. are provided as per CBSE Pattern for Commerce Class 11.

    You might have heard everyone around you saying that, ‘Board Examinations are a very important phase in career of every individual’. Well, they are certainly true. Why is it so? To begin with, Board Exams are different from your School Exams. These are conducted at the National level and you are being tested along with lakhs of students.

    Board Exams decide your career path. Whatever field you are willing to step-in after Class 12th will obviously be decided by your score in the exams. Since, admission to every reputed College/Institution, which would be your dream too, demands decent percentage, one needs to give his best shot.

    We offer following subjects :
  • Accountancy.
  • Economics and Statistics.
  • Business Studies.
  • Informatics Practices.
  • Entrepreneurship

  • Looking at recent trends, it is quite clear that even a 90% score is not worth it.To simplify, you have to stand out from the crowd’. Of course this is possible with conceptual learning, knowledge building, persistent hard work, and firm determination.

    B.Com Part one is the first year course scheduled for its very students opting their career in this field. We provide assistance to the regular as well as the open students.
    Details about the course:
    Mainly at college level, there are 8 subjects in total which means, a first year student will have to sit for eight different exams to clear his initial year. Exams are totally theory based in which few of the marks are kept aside for practical papers that will be including assignments submissions, practical exams etc. The number of subjects can vary according to colleges. The total mark of each paper is of 100 marks and the time duration is of 3 hours. The subjects offered for coaching the first year aspirants at our institute are: 1) Business Management 2) Financial Accounting 3) Economics 4) Business Statistics 5) Business law
    We at this academy with our faculty work towards catering to the need of a B.Com hons. studying student. We understand that each & every child is special and so our professionals work together for it in a simplified way. Be it your semesters, or all together fully fledged final syllabus, we teach every type of student from which ever college he/she is pursuing his degree course. We understand the value of your money as well as time.
    Our Role:
    BHAVA wishes to every B.Com aspirant, clear his/her exam at a single sitting, other than repeating a whole year. So clearing of exams is an important aspect. Join our B.Com Coaching to enhance your concepts and improve your grades. Our methodical teaching expertise will furnish you with good results. But keep this thing in mind that we can only provide you coaching and help to which ever extent you want, but we won’t be sitting in the exam hall answering your papers. The real work has to be done by you, the students only. That is why mentors at Vidyadhan always lay stress on hard work of the students. Work hard along with following all the guidelines set by us and you will see yourself achieving the target.
    What After B.Com Hons:
    It is an undergraduate commerce program that aims to prepare the students for choosing Charted Accountancy as their career. This program includes two-year classroom training and one year of practical training in Accounting and Finance. This program is designed by expert professionals to coach students by filling the demand-supply gap in commerce and accounting sector.

    Preparing for CA Foundation is not that lucid. But that doesn’t mean, it is not possible; with the right approach one can crack it. The Chartered Accountancy Course and Profession in India is regulated by The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI), New Delhi. Chartered Accountancy is a challenging profession that offers practice or job opportunities.

    It include following job opportunities :
  • Accounting.
  • Auditing.
  • Costing
  • Project Evaluation.
  • Corporate Finance.
  • Company and other Business Laws.
  • Taxation and Corporate Governance.

  • Required Skill and Strength :
  • Just believe in yourself and confirm yourself that yes, you can do it.
  • Study systematically and make sure that you don’t overstrain yourself.
  • Complete your syllabus and revision well in advance.
  • Clear the concepts in your mind.
  • Practicing past year papers along with mock papers- This will help you in boosting the exam feel & you can rate yourself that where you stand and how much you need to work more towards achieving your target.
  • As per your convenience, read good books and join Vidyadhan Academy as we provide you with good books and study materials that will help in the long run.
  • Practice more and more- This is very essential as after grasping all concepts, one needs to practice it so that you are able to reproduce it in during your exams and you don’t suffer from exam blues.
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